Micklaay (Miklos Peter Snijders) born in Purmerend (The Netherlands), Micklaay grew up in a musically family. His mother is a piano teacher who taught her students at home were Micklaay grew up. His sister is a flutist and his uncle is a composer and violin player and so on. Though Micklaay never learned how to play and read notes, he was still inspired by the musical influence around him and started producing music at the age of thirteen. His influences were based on many different genres, from Classical Music, to Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Reggae which he combined in his music.


His first official release was on a Compilation CD

"Reggaeton Beats" which hit the stores in 2007. After finally being recognized as a professional Artist/Producer, Micklaay went on to build his Studio and continued doing a lot of recordings for his Movement "Murderend". In 2008 Micklaay started collaborating with Top Producer "Junior Rodgers" which resulted in a Reggae Crossover on House Music. The Track "That Amsterdam

Sound" Hit the Dutch Charts as "The Anthum" of Queensday 2008. After this another Reggae/House Crossover was inevitable. The Clubtrack "Boss Up Di Bass" Ft Junior Rodgers hit the charts again in 2010. In the Reggae Scene Micklaay launched "When Love Starts" based on the Relationship Riddim. 


In 2010 and 2011 Micklaay Produced and was Featured many tracks on Reggaeton Beats Vol 8, 9, and 10, with a list of Tracks including: "Gal dem a Dance", "Harcore Lovin", "Barbarella", "Give It To Mi Raw", "Floor Is On Fire", "Ghostpepper", "Crazy", 'Most Sexy Gal", and many more. In 2011 Micklaay again collaborated with "Junior Rodgers" which resulted in two clubtracks; "Sen Dem Di Fever" And "Wind that Pum Pum". Micklaay has proven that he is capable of adapting his Reggae Voice on many different styles.




"One Man Army Riddim"

The riddim has been released on 03/12/2012 (March 12th) in Jamaica and contains 12 tracks with artists such as Tony Matterhorn, Singing Sweet, Kibaki, etc and of course "Micklaay". The song Called "One Man Army" (Taliban) is a direct answer to the name of the riddim with a clear statement "Strap myself with a bomb" A tough controversial lyric. Micklaay had to position himself as an artist and producer in the music business. Apart of this track Micklaay has a featuring with "K-Queens" “Signed by Alliance Next Generation" ("Bounty Killer's Label and

Movement") -"Dem nuh badda than we”.... To finish it off "Micklaay" also did the mixing and mastering for 8 of the 12 tracks that contains the riddim. Where had shot two videos of, "One Man Army" (Taliban) and "Dem nuh badda than we" "Micklaay" and "Murderend" are clearly presence on this tough Hip/Hop Dancehall riddim.


In 2014 Micklaay relaesed “Ghostpepper” Wich Contains 18 tracks , Containing past hits From the Reggeaton Beats Compilation alongside the Video “Ghostpepper”.