Morning Glory Riddim Release

Diverse & versatile Artist/Producer Micklaay has built a solid reputation upon bringing the most wild, exotic and creative textures to the atmosphere in his music. In his pursuit to continually evolve, develop and challenge himself as an artist/producer to create new rhythms through unexplored sounds in music – Micklaay is set to release Morning Glory Riddim on November

21st 2015 – a compilation record of stunning riddim songs recorded with incredibly-talented Jamaican artists. Artists such as Mackamilli, Kibaki, Teflon, Booba Starr, Ssway, Sanity, Sany-g, Nevaramo.


With powerful emotions, melodys and creativity in his music, Micklaay has created eight new songs that have astounding crossover appeal to the masses for Morning Glory Riddim. Blending unique combinations that play strongly to the musical talents & strengths of the guests upon each song; the new riddim presents complex combinations of Dancehall, Hip-Hop, World-Music, Pop, Electro, Classical and Reggae music that audibly contains something exciting and new for everyone.


Released through Universality Entertainment, Morning Glory Riddim gives you a album feeling, full of spectacular performances that capture the dynamic, amped-up entertainment of Micklaay's production at his absolute best. Adapting to the unique ideas and styles of the amazing talent that assists in collaboration all through Morning Glory Riddim – this new riddim is a highlight in creativity and marks the sign of an producer, truly ready to breakthrough from all- angles and bring the real freedom of expression & magic in music straight back to the people.

Morning Glory Riddim (PromoVideo)


Micklaay is a truly unique artist based out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His music is an exciting blend of genre as diverse as reggaeton, urban, dancehall and hip-hop, as showcased on his brand new album “Ghostpepper”

Micklaay produced the album by himself, while teaching his protegé. Working on everything from the mixing process (no samples were used!) up to the mastering. Once again, this artist got the most massive groove in town!


By releasing this album Micklaay is putting his statement down, while creating a NEW genre in dancehall, "ECLECTIC DANCEHALL". Micklaay's first official album Ghostpepper was released on Nov 8 2014.


Ghostpepper is available on iTunes

Micklaay - Ghostpepper

Loosin’ The Tape

Hailing from Amsterdam, Micklaay is driven, passionate and charismatic artist who set out to deliver his own twist to an eclectic blend of reggaeton, urban, dancehall and hip-hop.

With his soldier-like attire, Micklaay is almost like a militant for great sound and inspirational vibes within the blossoming central European Eclectic Dancehall scene!


It’s all about the groove:


Micklaay’s latest EP, “Loosin’ The Tape” (Universiality Entertainment) features 10 tracks that bridgess the gaps between the warmth and feel of the Caribbean groove, as well as the focus and energy of contemporary urban productions. The release goes one step further with a bunch of outstanding featured artists; from Kqueens (The Camp of Alliance) to Kalibwoy and others representing the Eclectic Dancehall Scene.

Watch out for this EP, as well as for upcoming album “Ghostpepper" (nov. 8th) and ”Morning Glory Riddim" featuring various artists (nov 20th)

Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of the story: Facebook / Twitter / instagram / official website



Micklaay came from a very musical family in the Netherlands, but in spite of that (or maybe because of that) his approach to music was not purely academic, but more instinctive. He always felt a unique connection with grooves and rhythms, and although he never learned the “proper thing to do” (aka, reading notations), he managed to acquire a personal and unique talent for sound manipulating and song-writing. Eventually, he started to produce music at the tender age of 13, and never stopped ever since. As a result, his unique blend of dancehall, reggae ton and urban sounds managed to stir quite a buzz within the international music scene.

2014 is going to be a very busy year for Micklaay, with a brand new


EP “Loosin’ The Tape”, a full length album “Ghostpepper” and a riddim featuring various artists (Morning Glory Riddim) on the way!

These many releases are a reflection of Micklaay’s versatility and dynamic approach: his signature sound is warm, punch and balanced, and things get even more interesting when collaborators add their own twist to the music in many different ways!


Free Downloadlink Loosin The Tape

Micklaay - Loosin The Tape